Wiggins And His Illustrated Past

The recent news about the review being conducted on Sir Bradley Wiggins and others on the kind of medical supervision they received and whether the drugs that he used as per his therapeutic use were as per the existing norms.


Andy Schleck, former Luxembourg professional cyclist was clocked driving in Frisangfe in his native Luxembourg at a speed zone of 84kmh (52mph) in a 50kmh (31mph) zone sometime in August 2015.

Due to this, he was handed a ban from driving for a one-month period, and asked to pay a fine as well.
However, he lodged an appeal in other to rescind the ban placed on him, as he needed to drive to his work place.


In a bid to make way for the new generation of manufacturers with fresher innovation, the founder of the world’s largest cycle maker King Liu has announced his retirement.

Rui Costa to re-prioritize Tour de France’s stage wins

Rui Costa told that he would be reverting to his earlier aim of prioritizing stage victories in Tour de France instead of making it overall his top target - as has been the event for the past 2 summers.

The most successful Tour de France of Rui was in the year 2013, when he got 2 big Alpine stage victories. But in the year 2014, when the then world champ started to aim the overall assortment, he had to quit as of pneumonia and after in the year 2015, he deserted after a crash in which he hurt his leg and back.

Mark Cavendish makes himself available for Team GB’s Olympic squad

Great Britain cyclist Mark Cavendish has taken another step towards a possible conjure for an Olympic medal in Rio by making himself formally available for selection following a meeting in Italy along with the team management of Great Britain after the recent track world events in London, UK.